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Different "sticky" actionbars possible? (info inside)


This is basically something i would like to work with if its possible, so before i get started, thanks to all who help answer the question

Is it possible to make each button have a background texture that changes depending on how many buttons are stuck to it and what sides they are on?

image examples:

The grey border symbolizes the background and how it should "warp" to surround the buttons that are "stuck" together, aswell as buttons only form a "group" if their sides are stuck together, not corners.

The buttons stuck together on the sides should still be adjustable in the directions following the side that is stuck to the order button, example:

2 buttons are stuck together , left side on right side, the buttons can be moved individually up or down, (using a key modifier here is probably best), once their "movement" reaches so that its only their corners that are stuck, they are nolonger "grouped"

Is all this possible? granted, there should most likely be used some key modifies to control the buttons (ALT, CTRL or SHIFT), but in general, would this be possible?

Once more, thanks in advance for the help.
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Yeah, this should be possible and some of the action bar- or display block- addons already use such a "sticky" feature.

There also exist libraries which check if your frame can be stuck to another and handle their positioning. You may consider takting a look at:
- LibStickyFrames-2.0
- Tuller's FlyPaper library, for example found in Dominos
- Bartender3/libs/StickyFrames.lua

Dragging only up and down while grouped could be, as far as I know, a problem, because the Blizzard API handles moving the way that you can move the frame freely and not only in a specific direction.

You'll have to code the background texture-code completely by yourself, but it should be doable. So, I suggest, you start trying
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I most definately will

Just waiting for blizz to send out more keys, i dont want to start programming something that i might have to change later due to expansion.
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