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Addon Approval

Hi there,

how long took it to approval one interface?

<lnk removed, because i just wanna show which addon i mean>
The author uploaded it at 10 am and it's still not available - he's doing very much and uploaded many versions in short times.
And no one of the mods are answering his/her pm's...

Nice support.

Edit: okay, now i understand it a bit more, then i have to be more patiend.

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It takes time for things to get approved. They check every single file uploaded to the website. Not every mod is here to wait on you and refresh the page looking to see if an update is pending.
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Most of all, there are time zones.
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Normally we hit things within minutes, however
  • At night things can get a little slower as, contrary to popular belief, we do sleep periodically
  • With the addon author beta key giveaway going on, we have to take more time to monitor uploads so we don't give out keys we shouldn't

However, considering you never sent me a PM, I'm going to assume your "none of the mods are responding to PMs" was just out of anger. I do, however, see that you have received a PM from us about 30 minutes after you posted this.

I won't comment on the addon itself publicly.
It's my turn next.

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Curse.com takes about 24 hours to release a project, or an update. WoWInterface is the fastest place around, where you usually only have to wait a few hours, or minutes, all depending on the time of day, current traffic and whether it's a new project or an update.

Just like an earlier poster said, this is a process where a mod, a real person, has to check every file you upload manually. It doesn't cost anything to host addons on WoWInterface, you don't pay for customer support. But still WoWInterface has a responsibility towards it's probably millions of users. Files need to be trojan/virus-free. Projects need to be authentic. Copyright issues need to be addressed. They can NOT automate the process of uploading addons, as that would end in WoWInterface being closed down by the government in a blaze of copyright infringement fire. And yet, through all of this, they manage to get addons online in a few hours at most.

I'm going to be a little rude here, and say that a little patience goes a long way. A few hours for a project to get approved is actually very very fast.

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Originally Posted by Goldpaw View Post
I'm going to be a little rude here, and say that a little patience goes a long way. A few hours for a project to get approved is actually very very fast.

<snip> If you think that was even a "little" rude, then you need to brush up on your rudeness skills...

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