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Minimal UI's and others.

This is probably going to be one of the stupidest things to "whine" about but still, it bugs me to a certain degree.

As most know, I'm one of those minimal UI designers, you either hate me, love me or love to hate me, it doesn't matter.
However when I go to the minimalistic compilation section for UI's found on wowinterface I come to the conclusion that most of the UI's (in my opinion) aren't minimalistic at all.

Are they bad UI's? I don't say that, to personal anyway.
Are they ugly UI's? Again I wouldn't say that.
But are they minimalistic? Nah, imo not.

Let's just take a look at some:


1. http://www.wowinterface.com/download...idescreen.html
This I could consider minimalistic. Imo it's a good mix of minimalism and informational in a pretty coat.

2. http://www.wowinterface.com/download...6-ZakUIv3.html
Very organised indeed, but not so minimal imo. Loads of actionbars, lots of information (useless half the time)

3. http://www.wowinterface.com/download...92-FreeUI.html
Minimalistic? Yes imo. Not everything has a gigantic panel around it. Positions of elements are based around functionality rather then aesthetics. Most of the not needed information is hidden etc.

4. http://www.wowinterface.com/download...6-cleanUI.html
basically same as above.

Point is, would it hurt to make an extra category for UI's? And try to keep the minimal UI's in 1 section? Or am I really the only one who thinks this?
While the TukUI-edits etc. can all be pretty UI's and loved by so many, they still don't fit the minimalism philosophy I think.

Just my 2 pence.

Led ++

p.s. Yes, I'm bored while studying. ^^
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Where is the 'Like' button when you need it?

Honestly, I agree. I remember once sifting through the collection of 'minimalistic' UIs and thinking 'half of these belong in 'graphical compilations''.
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i agree
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Ill make you a deal. Ill talk to the powers that be and if it is ok with them I will go through the Ui Comp cat and move some things around.
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Originally Posted by nobgul View Post
Ill make you a deal. Ill talk to the powers that be and if it is ok with them I will go through the Ui Comp cat and move some things around.
Would be nice yeah, tho I would already be more then happy if it was just applied to the next submissions of UI's.

Hope I'm not to much trouble. ^^
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12-31-10, 09:13 AM   #6
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I think quite a few of the uis in the minimalistic category could certainly be considered Generic UIs. I see quite a few uis in the Graphical section that aren't really graphical at all. Unless you want to call putting up two grey boxes as graphical.

I think maybe a reorganization might be needed for all of the sections and maybe a good description of each type of interface should be put when people have the option to choose from a category when uploading an interface.

(sorry if that didn't make any sense i just woke up XD)

Or Maybe leave it up to the moderators who scan the files to determine what type of UI it is. If players want to give the moderator a suggestion as to where they think it should go and why then they can write a request to the mods to change it. Only thing is that would be more work for the mods I wouldn't mind helpin!

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I noticed this myself, too. But I think just moving those UIs, that aren't minimalistic, into graphical won't be a solution at all. Because you could argue the other way around that they aren't graphical either.

For example, RothUI is definitely a graphical compilation and most, if not all, the nice stuff Elloria does.

A generic unitframe setup with some kgpanel borders and mostly generic addon, configurations, but no artwork, should go into a third category. Which is what the Generic Compilations category is for, IMO.

The issue here might be that people have to choose the category on their own, when uploading stuff. People might not be able to pick the right one, for whatever reason, might it be misjudgement or simply missing/skipping one.

There is no longer a description for categories, also. At least I couldn't find one, but iirc there was a short line on the old layout.

Not sure if the staff member that approves the upload can change the category - if he even cares in such a minor case - before approving it, or if he can just disapprove the upload. Either way, I can really see why there are so many compilations in the wrong category.

From a website design point of view, it would be nice to have some more visible information about the compilation, once you are browsing through the list of compilations in a category.

Maybe allow authors to choose from a list (check boxes) what the compilation is designed for and what it contains. Like Heal, DPS, Tank, Melee, Ranged ... Rogue, Druid, ... but also things like ... contains artwork ... PvP, PvE ... whatever. And then show this information on the category's list of UIs. For example through symbols or as tags below the compilation's name.

This could also make some categories obsolete and still show more information at a glance.
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12-31-10, 10:48 AM   #8
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some good ideas. Id love to see categories filtered by resolution too.
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12-31-10, 11:37 AM   #9
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Originally Posted by Dawn View Post
There is no longer a description for categories, also. At least I couldn't find one, but iirc there was a short line on the old layout.
I believe the main descriptors were "graphic overhaul" and "minimalistic view" respectively. I agree that many comps in both cats don't belong.

I'm curious what the criteria are for a listing in the "Suites" section. I think Tukui would be a candidate, and perhaps a congregation of Tukui derivatives would belong there as well.
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12-31-10, 11:44 AM   #10
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While I completely agree what is being said here that a large percentage of compilations in this category are anything but minimalistic, I foresee an issue however. There would have to be a defined set of rules for the Moderators that do approvals in determining what is and is not minimalistic.

That is where the the rub is. Much like anything else the definition is somewhat open to interpretation.

For example it was mentioned that placement of elements for functionality over aesthetics for some people is a factor. The question is who determines where something is functional or not? Minimap centered on the bottom or top or a corner? Unit frames near the center or bottom? Action bars? Which would be "correct"? Functional to one person is not necessarily functional to another.

Not that this is the overall deciding factor. Just an example of preference and hard to set in stone.

I think to help this along it would be beneficial to offer some guidelines. Boil it down to a few easy to follow rules that would help the approval process. If nothing else it will be a fun discussion.

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12-31-10, 08:13 PM   #11
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Its up to the compilation creator to what category they choose. We really only moderate the categories of AddOns.
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12-31-10, 08:16 PM   #12
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How ironic, this thread is in the wrong forum.

That being said, I largely agree with you (and have said this in the past). The problem is I'm not really sure it's right for staff to be making the decision on "this is minimalistic" and "this is not minimalistic". I mean, let's be honest, I've approved a lot of addons where I've said "this really shouldn't be an addon". But it's not my place to be choosing which addons should be released to the public.

Keep in mind, though, this is just my $0.02 and not any indication of what site policy is or should be. It's just why I haven't acted on this yet, despite the fact that I agree with you.
It's my turn next.

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01-07-11, 07:42 AM   #13
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I've noticed lately a lot of compilations are basically just edits of TukUI. I don't blame them, it's a great interface but I've wondered if perhaps all of those should have their own dedicated section, perhaps putting it in Suites (similar to featured interfaces on the EQInterface site).

As far as minimalistic vs graphical vs generic, I'd say most that I see I'd define as 'generic'. I always took the graphical category to mean that an interface has custom graphical elements that are different from the vanilla Blizzard interface, stuff like the Aion UI. But there's alot of UI's in there that are (to me) not graphical at all, just basic compilations with some elements moved around.

My 2cp anyway.
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