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Get Group Rolls

Let's say i'm in a normal heroic group and we have group roll enabled.
An epic drops, I get it's rollID and with that also the item name and additional information with

local texture, name, count, quality, bindOnPickUp = GetLootRollItemInfo(GroupLootFrame1.rollID);
But now I want to get the rolls all players (us 5 in that heroic group) have made and list them in a Font String.

How would I get the other players rolls? Would I have to intercept the chat frame (with someframe:RegisterEvent("CHAT_MSG_CHANNEL") for example) and how would I scan the chat for rolls?
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I should point out that I've never done this. There are mods out there that do do it and they are probably a good place to look. It appears though that the event is "CHAT_MSG_LOOT" and its arg1 is the whole chat message, parse it with e.g.

local name, roll, item
name, roll, item = arg1:match((LOOT_ROLL_ROLLED:gsub("%d","%s")):format("(.+)","(.+)",".+",".+",".+",".+","(.+)",".+"))
if not name then
     name = UnitName("player")
     roll, item = arg1:match((LOOT_ROLL_ROLLED_SELF:gsub("%d","%s")):format("(.+)",".+",".+",".+",".+","(.+)",".+"))
if not roll then return end
(YMMV, that code is *very* untested )

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