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09-10-12, 11:04 AM   #1
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A Thank you to the community

I want to start with thanking all of you for your support and encouraging words while I worked on the fan update. The first release was good enough for me, and I would of stuck with it bugs and all while I played MoP, but the stream of thank you posts made me feel good inside so I continued with fixing problems that cropped up, even fixing things that have been broken for years and adding support for stuff that was missing before like dark moon fair.

It became not just my update, but the communities update as people helped with the localization so it would work world wide, and helping in the forums with letting people know how to fix little things that cropped up. It was a really grand thing to see.

I knew when I started working on it that it was not mine to do with as I wished and I tried to make that clear to the rest of you aswell.

It does really make me sad that I installed the new version, and it doesn't work. LUA errors are popping up viewing the map in relation to achievements, the LFR/LFD eye is gone again, not sure about anyone else but myself personally the world map only shows if I focus on the window, otherwise it just blinks out of existance no matter what transparency settings I use, and more (I could keep listing bugs found in the official release but that's not the point of this topic).

It is a sad day for myself because I love using carbonite but the current version they released was unusable so I had to uninstall for now.

To those who are asking if i'll do my own, the answer to that is yes.. but it won't be ready before MoP.. probably won't be ready for a long while since like the rest of you I am actively playing, I love and enjoy the game in all it's aspects, and with the new expansion that's where my focus will be for the first little bit.

If blizzard had enabled addons onto the beta earlier I might of had time to do it, but they didn't and I really didn't know things would turn out this way, I thought the creators would come back, see the problems, look at how I fixed them and do there own fixes, not release something that makes it even more broken then before and get angry at the fact I had touched it.

So to all of you who have been so supportive, I'm sorry.
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I wish you all the very best in the future and am sad they did not chose to acknowledge your great, and free, contribution too this addon. I used it when you had to pay for it, before Blizz banned that, but it seems now it is time for me to move one as the authors have become careless and do not care. But you did care and made the gaming lives of many of us a great deal happier. May you find joy
09-10-12, 11:18 AM   #3
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Thank you so much for putting your time and effort in to giving the Carbonite users a working version for 5.0.4. No matter what anybody says about you, I think you are awesome and deserve a thanks from the author(s). Hell, I think they should turn the whole addon over to you! I'm still using your fixed version and will continue to until it stops working or the author(s) publicly thank/apologize to you. But, even if that happens I will still need to wait for a WORKING update. Please be sure to keep us in the loop when and if you ever decide to create your own version of Carbonite in the future. I'm sorry things happened like they did but the world is full of hateful jerks. You have my full support and if you need a copy of your updated version I still have it on my PC. I will get it to you by any means necessary. I hope to see your version of Carbonite soon because I know it will be EPIC! Take care man and thanks again for all of your time and dedication!
09-10-12, 12:23 PM   #4
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I agree with the above. ^^ You deserve not only our thanks but those of the devs for providing us with a working version of Carbonite (or Carbonite clone) until the devs came out with a updated version. Having tried their version though and finding it too buggy to use, I have deleted it.

I went through the hell of waiting on the devs to come up with a working version of Carbonite during the last upgrade and told myself then that I would never do that again. Having read the posts of the devs over the past day or so, I am not impressed with their commitment to their product anymore. They've lost a great opportunity in not bringing you into their group to assist them in providing a worthwhile product. That being the case, I will find substitutes for it until such time as you develop your own quest tracker / helper, database, and map aid. I wish you all the luck with doing so. I also wish the Carbonite devs all the luck in the world trying to keep many of their customers after this latest fiasco. They've lost this one at the least.
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Thank you very much Rythal for the work you done.

After reading the last 7 Posts from faatal aka carboniteaddon i decided as well to turn my back on this.
I will keep my eyes open for the day to come when you release your Addon.

09-10-12, 01:36 PM   #6
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Thanks a lot Rythal, I know it was a lot of work to try and keep things going for those people who loved this addon so much. Just hearing you state that the fixed version of the addon that has now been published made my decision to not update from your changes final. I would hope that the addon authors see a good person who can help them out and invite you to join the addon team. But if they don't and no longer play or have the ability to develop then like me I am sure a lot of other people will be welcoming you as an new addon author when you do create a replacement. And I would also be willing to provide some webspace for your addon should you want to setup something outside of curse and/or wow interface. I have never tried to author an addon, I am a much better hardware person than a programer but would enjoy beta testing anything you put out.

I know that this addon started off as a freemium and Bliz squashed the paid version because all addons for wow were meant to be free. And I am sure that really scorned the authors and probably influenced them in their decision to cease playing the game. But if they no longer care enough to keep up with the patch information now, when the next major patch comes out I can almost guarantee carbonite will be a dead addon. I actually started using carbonite around the Burning Crusade release time when the addon package I was using stopped being updated do to the authors no longer playing. Sounds like that will be happening again soon.

Farewell carbonite and welcome Rythal's newer and better addon!
09-10-12, 02:11 PM   #7
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You're a great guy and I can't thank you enough for your community spirit. I've dumped Carbonite and will make do with other mods and some of my own custom code; however, I eagerly look forward to your (hopefully modular) project. Not only do I have complete confidence that you will maintain it well, I know that when your connection with WoW wanes, you will find a new author for it rather than let it languish trying to make a buck off it like the current tossers.

All the very best, Rythal, and I'll present myself (as, I'm sure, will half the people on WoWI) for your test phase
09-10-12, 02:21 PM   #8
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Thanks for your hard work, Rythal! Good luck with the MoP expansion and have fun.

Will be going to other addons other than Carbonite, since apparently they don't have any real honest intention of either keeping the updates coming on a regular basis or giving it over to someone who can.

Look forward to finding your addons some day! Best of luck with them.
09-10-12, 03:30 PM   #9
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Thank you for all your hard work!

What I'll miss most is the map functionality. I can't find any addons that give me a zoomable, draggable map. That'll be the part I miss the most when this is gone.

But, again...thanks for everything you have done.
09-10-12, 03:51 PM   #10
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For my first time ever posting, I want to add my thanks to Rythal. I, too, will continue to use your version until it no longer works, and look forward to your own addon in the future.
09-10-12, 04:09 PM   #11
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I too want to thank you for the hard work and what you have given us back at least for the time being of an addon that we have loved using for a long time. I wonder if you could make a mailing list or something and keep those of us that want to be added, informed on any updates you might have on the new project and on any help you might need be it testing or coding or financial or whatever. I too was a paid subscriber as well as a donator to the original Carbonite but I don't see that happening anymore based off of the way they are handling this now. Sadly it seems that all good things must come to an end. Thanks again for all of your hard work!
09-10-12, 04:15 PM   #12
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Count me on the list of people whoare keeping your version til it stops working. If you can get your own version up and running i will be right there on the first batch to use it. Thx for the phenomenal job gettin this add-on up to speed. It's a pity the authors decided to think with their egos instead of their brains
09-10-12, 04:29 PM   #13
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I agree with everyone else in this forum. You did an outstanding job with making carbonite work. I look forward to seeing the addon you come out with. Thank you again for all the work you had put in fixing their broken addon and even if they dont appreciate the work you did for them, a lot of other people do.
09-10-12, 04:31 PM   #14
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Ok.. I was stupid.. I put the Carbonite addon up on my system before I read the forums.

Anyway I can get a copy of the fan update...

didn't think they would break it vise fix it. but then there hasn't been an decent update in a couple of years on this.
09-10-12, 07:25 PM   #15
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I dont post often but I felt this time i had to post just to give a big thanks to Rythal for helping out on carbonite. As the others have said I and a few of my RL buddies look foward to your version of a google style map addon and will use it over carbonite.

p.s. who the hell gets pissy for getting a little help maintaining/keeping alive their project alive when they dont have time?
09-10-12, 07:33 PM   #16
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Let me add my thanks to the many others, and say that I'm looking forward to your replacement for Carbonite. You did an awesome job patching this thing!
09-10-12, 07:35 PM   #17
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Man, I usually don't comment on things like this, but yeah, your version beat the pants off the 'official release', which was slow and has proven to be buddy all over again. My god-blessed Dungeon Finder Button is missing again, which was the whole reason I went looking for some way to fix it and found your work. And then I heard of how they treated you, and it's insane. I've used Carbonite since BC now, and I'm looking forward to your work more and more every day.
09-10-12, 07:42 PM   #18
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Thumbs up


I also thank you for ur work. I also use Carbonite since BC, and still use it till now. I am also looking forward to see your new endeavors.... Again thanks for all your work and sorry that the addon devs didn't appreciate all the work you did to fix the problems. Thanks again...
09-10-12, 07:58 PM   #19
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Thumbs up

Take your time, do it right. Clearly you will have heaps of support.
09-10-12, 08:24 PM   #20
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the world map only shows if I focus on the window, otherwise it just blinks out of existance no matter what transparency settings I use,
I just came to report this exact issue. It completely destroys the point of the map.

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