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Skinner - Unable to see effects in water.

OKAY So... For starters, I use skinner in order to reduce the size of my overall interface so that I can make room for all my other addons at the bottom of my screen.

That being said... DESPITE following the minimal addon instructions (copy all files from your addon skins folder into your skinme folder) multiple times (at least 5 times of repeatedly trying to copy/replace all files while the game was closed) and restarting my game repeatedly. I am still encountering errors.

Some of these errors include:

\AddOns\Skinner\CharacterFrames1.lua line 55:
attempt to index global 'PaperDollFrameItemFlyout' (a nil value)
\AddOns\Skinner\CharacterFrames2.lua line 93:
attempt to index global 'ChannelFrameVerticalBar' (a nil value)
\AddOns\Skinner\UIElements1.lua line 618:
Usage: SecureHook([object], method, [handler]): Attempting to hook a non existing target
\AddOns\Skinner\UIElements2.lua line 870:
attempt to index global 'LFRQueueFrameLayout' (a nil value)
\AddOns\Skinner\Skinner.lua line 498:
attempt to index field 'obj' (a nil value)

Also, whenever I enter an area with any water existant beneath me, all spell effects appear under the ground as if I did not reduce the frame size of the game. This includes item enchantments and any glowing spell effect on scenery. This is especially painful in Throne of the Tides where this error causes the graphic that I'm not supposed to stand in to appear underneath the ground where I can barely see it.

Uploaded with ImageShack.us
This is a picture to show how I have re-sized my interface using skinner

Uploaded with ImageShack.us
This image shows what happens when I change my camera view while over water.

I don't know if I'm not putting in the right search terms for the search engines I'm using but everywhere I've looked there has been no explanation as to how to address this issue. All I've found Is people that don't know how to use the addon itself and the only explanation that is ever given is "copy/move all the files from your addon skins folder to your skinme folder" Does anyone have any OTHER way to fix this or an explination of how I might be screwing up when I copy/replace all the files from my addon skins folder into my skinme folder?
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That's definitely a viewport issue. WoW hasn't been viewport friendly since WotLK. Disabling it should remedy your problem. It's due to the game client, not the addon.

Regarding your errors, I would first make sure you are using the most current version of Skinner. If you're still receiving errors after updating to the newest version, report your errors to the author over at WowAce.
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