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Looking for Developers for 3.3.5 and 5.4.8 Wow projects.


I'm currently looking for Core and DB devs for 3.3.5 and 5.4.8 World of Warcraft projects. The work will be C++ and Sql orientated.

To any persons interested we are offering Work experience certificates for DB/Core devs (not so well trained or experience). Any core devs will be paid Cash as long as the work per project is solid.

If your interested please reply here with your Skype name or Forum PM me it & i'll get back to you.

Thanks for your time.

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As an official Blizzard community site, private servers are a forbidden subject here.
Originally Posted by Cairenn View Post
4. Don't break WoW EULA or ToU. If you come here and post that you are selling your WoW account for real world money, offering or asking for power-levelling, in-game items or gold for real life cash, private servers or any other post that breaks WoW EULA or ToU, your post will be deleted and you will (at minimum) warned not to do it again. Repeated offenses will lead to banning from the site.
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What he said.
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