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Originally Posted by KMJX View Post
A weak first post, man. A very weak first post.

Donations are not mandatory, and have not been asked for, though they are welcomed. Donating or thinking of donating does not entitle you to anything at all, and not everyone had access or time to play the beta to fix their stuff.

The last information we got about update progress was less than a day ago, though not in this thread. (Hint: It's the first one below the stickies. Also refer to the link 2 posts above yours.)
What is broken has nothing to do with quests, there was no need to collect data for those, as it is handled by the same information given by the standard wow quest tracker, and displayed on the fancy maps which are now kaputt because things changed, shit happened, and the thing is gonna take longer than expected.
Yeah, I completely agree. While it's nice of people to donate, you can't expect to say "Ok, you give me time estimates [or anything else] or I won't donate". First of all, that's just rude. Then there's the fact that they are *donations", not payments. They're not required, or, as KMJX pointed out, even asked for, and, in fact, the author doesn't even need them I'm sure. Addon authors generally (at least in my experience) don't write addons for profit, but so they can enjoy the game and share their enjoyment. The fact that he chooses to share his addon at all is enough for me to donate. Carbonite's made my WoW experience over the past 5 or 6 years exponentially more enjoyable! In fact, without Carbonite, I have trouble getting in "the zone" lol! Anyway, no offence, but I would personally never try to bargain for estimates (that wouldn't be accurate anyway, given the problems encountered in real-world code management--especially with Blizzard's horrible habit of rapid API changes) for a little donation. I'm just grateful to Rythal and his predecessors! TIA for the next evolution of Carbonite! Don't get me wrong. I get a little anxious waiting too, but we seem to forget the fact that there is no obligation on his part to update the code period. I'd rather have an addon that works properly and great than a buggy-ass kluge.

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