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Exclamation uninstalling

before the patch i was using the mazzle UI and you change the interface and wtf folder, which caused problems with the in game when i tried to change it back, i am no longer able to look at the 'looking for groups windows' or my quest log. I dont know what else to look at in order to fix i tried re-installing wow... which was a pain in the butt by the way. It worked for for the first time i ran it, then i tried this morning and i had the same problem. Any idea on how to fix it?
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key bindings

you just need to bind questlog and LFG/LFM panel again and it should work correctly
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if you want to uninstall Mazzle, just deleting the interface, WTF, and fonts folder in your WoW directory will basically give you a fresh, new WoW install, without the hassle of redownloading all the patches...if it's not working after that, then there's something more wrong with it than Mazzle, since the Interface, WTF, and Fonts folders are the only ones changed at all by Mazzle
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I believe Mazz's instructions said to rename your Interface and WTF folders to InterfaceOLD and WTFOLD (or somesuch) so that you could recover them later. When uninstalling Mazzle, you delete your Interface, WTF, and fonts folders and either start again from scratch (like a fresh wow install) or go back to your original Interface and WTF folders.
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