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Feral Druid Suggestions! Come join!


These changes may not seem like much, but we all have to start somewhere. Small buffs are better then huge buffs as they are more easily balanced. Inclusion of new abilities or drastic changes in behavior can easily cause problems down the road. Feral Druids have the potential to become the most seriously overpowered class in the game with all three power and primal arch types at their disposal -- mana (caster), rage (warrior), and energy (rogue). While there is no arguing there is much room for improvements, leaps should not be made. I hope these changes below are simple enough to please most anyone.

Changes to Talents

Predatory Strikes - This talent is eliminated.
Shredding Attacks - Add one rank, description changed slightly, replaces Predatory Strikes's slot.
Heart of the Wild - This now requires 3 points in Shredding Attacks.
Swiftshifting - Old talent re-added and slightly re-worked. Replaces Shredding Attacks's slot.

Shredding Attacks
Rank 0/3
Requires 15 Points in Feral Combat Talents
Reduces the energy cost of your Shred and Tiger's Fury abilities by 6/12/18, and the rage cost of your Lacerate ability by 1/2/3.

Swiftshifting (added)
Rank 0/2
Requires 15 Points in Feral Combat Talents
When leaving Bear, Cat, Moonkin, or Tree of Life forms, the next shapeshift form you take will a have 40%/60% reduction in mana cost if cast within 12 seconds.

Changes to Abilities

Tiger's Fury - Duration increased to 12 seconds. This can now stack up to 3 times.

Ferocious Bite - Damage dealt by the extra energy now cannot be reduced by any effect, no longer consumes the extra energy used, and is considered Bleed damage.

Rake - Initial upfront damage now cannot be reduced by any effect.

Frenzied Regeneration - This now additionally restores [0.1% to 0.3% of your total health] per second per point of rage, with the base (static) amount it restores reduced by 66%.

Definition of "cannot be reduced by any effect" - Debuffs that reduce melee / all damage or AP, buffs on target that reduce melee / all damage, ignores armour. Can still be blocked, parried, evaded, avoided, miss, or melee immune.
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Last edited by Thrae : 04-22-08 at 01:34 AM. Reason: Forgot Frenzied Regen. Extra FB damage is now Bleed damage.
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