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Changing Text Formatting

As the title says I want to change some text, I have 2 codes but they do not match as things are going on.

I would like tyo use the Frist Code for everything.

First Code (This code is being used for my Nameplates):
local FormatValue = function(number)
	if number < 1e3 then
		return floor(number)
	elseif number >= 1e12 then
		return string.format("%.3fT", number/1e12)
	elseif number >= 1e9 then
		return string.format("%.3fB", number/1e9)
	elseif number >= 1e6 then
		return string.format("%.2fM", number/1e6)
	elseif number >= 1e3 then
		return string.format("%.1fK", number/1e3)
Second Code (This code is being used for my UnitFrames):
		local shorts = {
			{ 1e10, 1e9, "%.0fB" }, --  10b+ as  12B
			{  1e9, 1e9, "%.1fB" }, --   1b+ as 8.3B
			{  1e7, 1e6, "%.0fM" }, --  10m+ as  14M
			{  1e6, 1e6, "%.1fM" }, --   1m+ as 7.4M
			{  1e5, 1e3, "%.0fK" }, -- 100k+ as 840K
			{  1e3, 1e3, "%.1fK" }, --   1k+ as 2.5K
			{    0,   1,    "%d" }, -- < 1k  as  974
		for i = 1, #shorts do
			shorts[i][4] = shorts[i][3] .. " (%.0f%%)"

		hooksecurefunc("TextStatusBar_UpdateTextStringWithValues", function(statusBar, textString, value, valueMin, valueMax)
			if value == 0 then
				return textString:SetText("")

			local style = GetCVar("statusTextDisplay")
			if style == "PERCENT" then
				return textString:SetFormattedText("%.0f%%", value / valueMax * 100)
			for i = 1, #shorts do
				local t = shorts[i]
				if value >= t[1] then
					if style == "BOTH" then
						return textString:SetFormattedText(t[4], value / t[2], value / valueMax * 100)
						if value < valueMax then
							for j = 1, #shorts do
								local v = shorts[j]
								if valueMax >= v[1] then
									return textString:SetFormattedText(t[3] .. " / " .. v[3], value / t[2], valueMax / v[2])
						return textString:SetFormattedText(t[3], value / t[2])
Hopefully someone can help me with the code.


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Here's what I've started doing with my number displays.
Lua Code:
  1. local math_abs=math.abs;
  2. local math_floor=math.floor;
  3. local math_log10=math.log10;
  4. local math_max=math.max;
  5. local tostring=tostring;
  7. local NumberCaps={"K","M","B","T"};
  8. local function AbbreviateNumber(val)
  9.     local exp=math_max(0,math_floor(math_log10(math_abs(val))));
  10.     if exp<3 then return tostring(math_floor(val)); end
  12.     local factor=math_floor(exp/3);
  13.     local precision=math_max(0,2-exp%3);
  14.     return ((val<0 and "-" or "").."%0."..precision.."f%s"):format(val/1000^factor,NumberCaps[factor] or "e"..(factor*3));
  15. end

It dynamically adjusts the precision based on if the number is in the 1's, 10's, or 100's. It'll revert to scientific notation if the abbreviation accessed is out of the defined scope. You can add more in the NumberCaps table.
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